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Our marquees are known as Clearspan structures. These are the best structures for events for two reasons:

MORE SPACE - You can have a party without poles

WHATEVER THE WEATHER - can have a sturdy and safe marquee

With no poles obstructing movement and view inside of your marquee, and no ropes, wires, or cables creating hazards on the outside, our Clearspan marquees have proved themselves as a great choice in all weather - all year round.

Our marquees are also the best choice in terms of postioning, as they can fit into more spaces, or size of location without the need to extend beyond the floorplan to incorporate ropes, wires, or cables.

With The Rutland Marquee Company, you have a flexible, modular approach - which means that you can create a layout which suits your event.

All external marquee walls are solid white, but you have the option to include window panels if you wish. These are perfect for daytime events, and especially if your marquee is installed in a picturesque setting. Window walls can be positioned anywhere you like within the marquee structure, allowing solid walls to conceal items such as generators, buildings, and other aspects that you would like to shield your guests from.

Marquee Layouts

Designing your marquee layout is usually based on eight people seated at 5' round tables, or ten people seated at 6' round tables. Remember to give yourself additional space for a bar area, dance-floor, buffet area (if needed), and an arrival point. If you call us with your guest numbers, we can suggest a suitable marquee size.

The marquees are available in a selection of different widths and lengths, and are all modular, so can be combined to create exactly the venue size and shape you want for your event. The finished structure can be completed with either flat gable ends - perfect for maximising space, or ‘hex’ ends which give an interesting final shape from the outside, a softer feel to the inside and are ideal for wedding receptions.

Some of our sample layouts are shown below, but these really are just a starting point for you. We will work with you to design the layout of your choice which best suits your needs on the day:

Sample marquee layout for 100 guests
9m x 18m marquee
Trestle table seating, straight traditional top table, 3m x 3m black and white dance floor, single bar unit, one set of doors: Rutland Marquees 100 Guests

Sample marquee layout for 150 guests
9m x 25m marquee, including one ‘hex end’
6m x 6m marquee as catering area 6m x 6m marquee as entrance/bar area including single bar unit Round table seating, ‘hex’ shaped top table, 5m x 5m black and white dance floor, generator and toilet trailer unit. Rutland Marquees 150 guests
Sample marquee layout for 180 guests
9m x 29m marquee, including two ‘hex ends’
6m x 6m pagoda marquee as entrance area
6m x 6m marquee as catering area
6m x 9m marquee as recessed bar area including two bar units and sofa soft seating
Round table seating, cake table,
5m x 5m black and white dance floor, black star cloth linings in dance floor area, generator and toilet trailer unit.

Rutland Marquees 180 seats
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Marquee Linings

Our standard linings are all pleated ivory with matching valances, but there is the choice of a full array of colours to give your event a specific colour theme.

For a truly spectacular effect, then we have our black star cloth linings, which can be installed throughout the entire marquee. To give your guests a real 'wow' factor, the main marquee can be ivory lined with the star cloth linings for your dance floor area. This can be concealed from your guests during the daytime event with an ivory 'reveal' curtain, which is then pulled up in the evening to 'reveal' your dance area and evening entertainment!

Please see our 'Finishing Touches' section for even more interior design ideas for your marquee.

Our linings are professionally cleaned after each event, and thoroughly inspected. This means that they are kept in the right condition for each and every marquee we provide.

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CARPETS - The Rutland Marquee Company is proud to use Evo-Rib - the first ever fully recyclable carpet system, saving on the 20 million square metres of event carpets that go in to landfill every year (not all from us, we hasten to add).

Once used, our carpets are returned to the manufacturer and turned in to mouldable plastic pellets. In addition, Evo-Rib out-performs foam-backed carpets, and as it is considerably lighter - it even saves on fuel AND is easier and faster to lay.

Our pricing includes a polythene underlay which protects your marquee floor from becoming damp.

Occasionally we can offer 'once-used' carpet, which is exactly that and dependant upon the condition following the use at a previous event. Of course, colours can not be guaranteed if you want to confirm this many months in advance. This is a cheaper option, and is ideal for use in catering tents.

WOODEN FLOORS - Whilst our carpet is a brilliant floor covering, some events do require something more substantial.

If you are concerned about the weather, or your marquee location is on uneven ground, then we may recommend that you use a wooden floor.

Wooden flooring also gives you the perfect excuse to get up and dance anywhere in your marquee - perfect for that Kailie.

We hope that you are pleased to note that we operate a No Shoes policy inside the marquee whilst we are working on your marquee, to ensure that it is in tip top condition for your event.

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For your evening celebrations we have a choice of either a dramatic black and white chequered dance floor, and a traditional wooden parquet dance floor, both available in several different sizes depending upon on your number of guests.


The interior of your marquee can be lit by either our cream chandeliers with pretty floral or cream shades, or by our black wrought iron chandeliers, along with the matching smaller versions for the smaller marquees. Your choice for either dramatically elegant or softly sophisticated. In addition to the chandeliers, we also have every size of round paper lanterns in a wide range of colours, which can create a simpler, lighter look to your marquee, whilst also decorate the ceiling space of your marquee with your chosen colour scheme.

Both the chandeliers and paper lanterns are all operated on individual dimmer switches, allowing you to set the mood of your event as you choose.

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Lighting Effects

LASER LIGHT SYSTEM - projects pinpoints of red and green lasers with the option of a blue LED background.

COLOUR-CHANGING LED UPLIGHTERS - strips of LED lights, programmable to change colour, sense motion, or follow musical beats.

- for a picture perfect finishing touch that is truly magical.

FLOODLIGHTS - available to highlight the marquee at night, especially the entrance and/or walkways, parking areas, and to illuminate features such as trees, ponds, buildings etc, for both effect and safety reasons.

WHITE LED DISCO BALL – projects white moving dots of light onto your dance floor

SOLAR POWERED FAIRY LIGHTS – ideal for lighting and decorating areas of your marquee site that are at a distance to your power supply, such as gateways and trees.

OUTDOOR COLOURED PAPER LANTERNS – these can add a splash of colour to your surroundings during the day and then soft touches of colour in the evening.

MINI COLOURED PAPER LANTERNS – available in a wide range of colours and sizes to compliment your colour scheme, these can simply be used to decorate the interior of your marquee, or can have the addition of individual light sources add to create a stunning effect for the evening.

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For your evening celebrations you can choose from either our black and white checkered dance floor or our soild, hardwood dancefloor, which is available in two sizes depending on your number of guests and how much space will be needed by your band and/or DJ.

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TABLES - Round tables are available in 3', 5' or 6' diametre sizes. Our 3' round tables can seat up to five guests but are mostly used as cake tables, or with their optional taller bases, at standing height, as 'poser' tables around bar areas. We recommend seating eight guests on the 5' round tables and ten guests on the 6' round tables, for comfort.

Trestle tables are also available for use as top tables, buffet tables, guests dining tables, as well as in catering areas.

In addition to the round and trestle tables, we also have two custom designed tables, which are perfect for use as top tables. The first is our oval table, which will seat up to 14 people, so is perfect when you would prefer to be sat amongst your guests on a round table, but have a large bridal party to seat, and still want the top table to stand out for the rest. The second of our custom tables is the hex table, which fits perfectly into the hex end section of the marquee. Seating up to 12, this can be a beautiful flourish that gives an enhanced design to your top table layout, and means that everyone on the top table can all still see each other, rather than being seated in a long straight line. It also works perfectly within a buffet area.

CHAIRS - We have a range of different chairs available to suit your colour scheme and budget, including white bistro chairs, gold gilt, natural wood and lime-wash bamboo, complete with velvet seat pads. We can also provide beautiful chair covers and sashes in a wide variety of differnt colours to dress either our wooden chairs, or the exisiting chairs at your venue.

SOFAS - In addition to chairs and tables for formal dining, we can also provide sofas and coffee tables, to create more informal, relaxed seating areas, ideal for in recessed bar areas, away from the music and dancing.

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Table Linen

We can supply and set cloths, overlays, napkins, chair covers, and chair sashes from a huge range of colours to perfectly match your intended colour scheme.

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Bars and Bar Units

When we provide the bar area for your event, we do not penalise you with a corkage charge. As well as being able to provide you with bar units and bottle fridges, we can also fully stock and run your bar - providing glassware, plastic glassware, real ales, beautiful wines, and bar staff.

We have now extended the range of in-situ bar fittings so that you have ample choice of bar units, corner units, and bar back units with shelving and optics stands. All fittings are in an elegant shaker style painted in Farrow and Ball cream, finished with solid beech tops.

If you are interested in a Full-Service 3rd-Party bar solution, then we are pleased to recommend that you visit our partner's website

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Finishing Touches

TABLE SETTINGS - once the furniture in your marquee has been set out, we can lay your tables and create individual place settings, favours, and table names or numbers.

FLORISTRY - We can provide or recommend the perfect florists to fill your marquee with an incredible visual impact and scrumptious scents. Pollen free options are also available.

BUNTING – metres of beautiful, handmade bunting, created from Cath Kidston cotton, will add a pretty, country feel to your marquee.

CEILING RIBBONS – lengths of extra wide satin ribbon suspended from the ceiling of the marquee in your chosen colour can break up the ivory and delicately incorporate your colour scheme into the marquee.

CEILING SASHES – deep sashes of fabric, in a colour of your choice, add that truly spectacular finish to your marquee.

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For large events, or those with strict guest lists we recommend you consider using door staff.

Other staffing that you may need to consider includes:
  • Car parking staff
  • Bar staff
  • Photographer
  • Caterers and waiting staff

  • We can provide or recommend caterers and staff for you, from the provision of simple and elegant canapes and champagne, to hog roasts, or Silver Service.

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    Complementary Items

    As part of your booking we are happy to provide them should your event require them. Below is a small selection of the range of items we can provide:

  • Coat rail and hangers
  • Wooden easel for seating plans
  • Sisal door mats
  • Cake tables

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    Electrical and Additional Facilities

    PA SYSTEMS - We have two systems available, according to your requirements; a small portable unit which has an inbuilt CD player and Ipod hook up, complete with microphones to use for your speeches, or a larger disco system including two CD players, Ipod hook up, microphones, large high quality speakers, plus beat sensitive disco lighting.

    GENERATORS- Should your marquee site not be near an outside power source, then please do not worry as we can help you to calculate how much power you will need (for lighting, music, catering etc) and provide silent running generators according to your requirements, along with cabling and power distribution panels.

    HEATING - If you require a marquee outside of the 'normal' British summertime then we can provide you with thermostatically controlled heaters to ensure that you and your guests are able to enjoy your event, whatever the weather.

    WASHROOM FACILITIES- Our luxury washroom trailer units are available in two sizes (one gents and one ladies, or two gents and three ladies) and both have beautifully decorated interiors, including artwork and are fully heated. They all comprise of hot running water, hand towels and fresh flowers (which are matched to your colour scheme).

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    Village Halls

    Create a real Wow factor in the most unusual venues.

    Village Halls are a great option as a venue for your event, especially as they already provide facilities and services such as heating, electricity, kitchens, and toilets. Our marquee linings can make an astonishing difference to the appearance inside a village hall.

    A site visit by us will be necessary, so that we can check that the space is suitable to line. We will take measurements and work out where wall fixings will need to be made. Please do check with the people in charge of the hall that they are happy for us to put fixings in to the walls and that they are happy for the hall to be kept free from other groups whilst the linings are being installed and removed. (Ususally 2-3 days before your event, and one day after).

    Make sure you check how many guests your hall can accomodate.

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    Additional Information

    HEALTH & SAFETY - All marquee prices include installation, and the legal amount of emergency exits, signs, and fire extiguishers. There is a strict No Smoking policy for all marquees not only to ensure that your event is run in accordance with the law, but more importantly to ensure the safety and protection of your guests. We can provide sand buckets for outside areas (free of charge), and you have the option to use our patio heaters and garden furniture.

    We take all aspects of Health and Safety very seriously, as this helps to avoid accidents occurring at every stage. For your peace of mind, with our experience and a comprehensive check list we cover:


  • The marquee PVC is flame retardent to BS7837, tested to BS5438 Lowick UV Resistant

    SEE OUR MARQUEES IN ACTION - Our marquees are regularly being set up for a variety of differnet functions, so if you would like to see one 'on location' just ask and we will be happy to arrange a meeting.

    This is a great way for you to get a feel for the space, size, and layout of your marquee.

    DELIVERY - Delivery and collection charges are determined by distance, and how many trips are made. If there is restricted access to the location of your marquee, and a lot of carrying and manual handling is required from the delivery vehicles, an additional charge may be made.

    All charges will be written in to your quotation.

    WEATHER - Don't worry about our lovely British weather, as our marquees have been out in almost every weather condition (including the snow) and we have had successful events every time. There are lots of measures that we can take if the weather forecast could be better. Double doors seal the marquee and keep out the heat, and the rain. Polythene under the carpet keeps the floor dry. Marquee heaters running on thermostats keep your marquee at a comfortable temperature. Special lace walls can be used in summertime, which open up easily.

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