The Wow factor without the Marquee?

An exceptional alternative to our marquees

There can be many reasons why a marquee is not ideal for your event. At The Rutland Marquee Company we have developed a stunning alternative which guarantees that you can be delighted with virtually any space that you wish to use for your special day.

Before we show you what we mean, let us tell you what our customers have said:

"This looks amazing!" - Emily

"What a transformation - I can't believe what this was beforehand" - E & J

"I could NEVER have imagined this!" - MD, Stamford

Take a look...after

and this was before...

Hard to believe, but what we have done here is transform a humble village hall in to a dream venue for a beautiful wedding celebration. We have developed a truly innovative way to give you the feel of a marquee within a range of permanent structures, from barns and halls to loft spaces and conference centres.

If a marquee isn't for you, we are still be the perfect partner to transform your chosen space in to a setting which will entrall and delight you.

Village halls and other permanent structures provide brilliant value for money and easy solutions to some of those tricky questions such as washroom facilities, power, heating and kitchen access - because they are already there.

Wymondham Village Hall

Braunston Village Hall

Castle Bytham Village Hall

For more information or an informal chat about what you would like to achieve, please do call us. We are delighted to help.

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